Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Optimum Colon Health - Cleanse Your Colon

   What Would Your Mother Say?

   She would say she wants you to Feel Good Again!

   Going on vacation? DAILY COMMUTE maybe too Much? Traveling many times brings on a degree of constipation. Tough day on the road?

Feeling sluggish?
Headaches ?
Depression ?
Breath horrible ?
Just feel bad ? 

   Over and over I read testimonials by email, phone, books, articles or in person how incredible the results of cleansing especially the colon. Whether it's Cleansing or just constipation relief, a product called PoopDoc is rated the highest by consumers. Added to a guaranteed for 1 full year no questions asked is a consistent, proven track record by all races and genders of people INCLUDING Doctors.

   When keeping a focus on optimum colon health, Dr. Richard Schulze stated that close to 80% of ALL diseases disappeared after his patients cleansed their colon. These kinds of statements have been heard for decades - this didn’t just start “last week”.

   "Keeping your Bowel clean is the single - most important thing that you can do for your health!" said Dr. Bernard Jensen who taught and counseled the importance of keeping your colon working right to more than 350,000 people over 70 years. 

   The British Royal Society of Medicine article warns 'let it (your colon) stagnate and... every organ of the body is poisoned...!'

   Did you ever ask yourself WHY you feel So Good after a good bowel movement? Maybe Nature and God was trying to tell you something?? This is a (good thing!!).

There's no feeling like FEELING GOOD! 

   It's always time for spring cleaning and in most parts of the country, many women (and men) spend Millions if not Billions on creams and lotions to make their skin look younger, radiant and to just look plain beautiful! But what are they missing? The REAL Secret = Cleanse the colon.

   Healthy Colon = Beautiful Skin. The colon has a direct connection with your complexion. After doing this for so many years, many times I can tell when a person has constipation problems just by looking at their face. Moving the bowels daily, enough fiber in the diet, probiotics and at least 2 quarts of water a day makes an astronomical difference in health. 

   Add exercise and a great diet (juicing!) and you'll be ready for Miss or Mrs. America! GUARANTEED COMPLIMENTS on how beautiful you look. Your face is a mirror of whats going on within. Talk about Radiant Skin!
   Cleanse the colon (flush, break up impaction, move your bowels 2-6 times a day for 3 days) and more happens besides a radiant glow in your complexion. Digestion vastly improves, energy goes up, breath improves dramatically and the list goes on. Can you say you have done one? or is this “health treat” and over-all feeling of well being a present you not only will start for yourself but maybe even give away to somebody you love.        

Feel good, look good and do good! Life can be very good